Why Us?

Dear Homeowner:

Your insurance agency is pleased to inform you of the services provided by  Protector Inspectors.  Do you have a home or property that sits vacant for months at a time? Whether you’re away from your home one week or many months, your property is important to you.  Protector Inspectors checks on your home when you can’t be there. Vandalism, faulty furnaces, broken pipes and flooded basements can ruin a home if left unattended. Leaky pipes, roofs and basements can lead to mold and mildew if gone unchecked. Regularly scheduled visits to your home by Protector Inspectors may minimize these conditions. Check with your insurance agent to find out if you’re in compliance with your policy regarding uninhabited homes. We recommend weekly inspections for your peace of mind.  A property unattended could adversely affect your claim, should you have one.


We begin inspecting at your property entrance:




  • Mailbox
  • Driveway
  • Power lines
  • Downed trees
  • Condition of shingles and siding
  • Windows and doors (signs of breakage or forced entry)




  • Room by room inspection (standing water or stains)
  • Heating and thermostat check (oil tank level) check for gas or oil odors.
  • Kitchen: refrigerator inspection. Appliances …
  • Bathrooms: check for plumbing leaks
  • Basement: check for moisture or leaks.. Visual inspection of heating and plumbing.
  • Washer and dryer inspection. Hoses and leaks.
  • Need your plants watered?…  We can do that too!


We do inspections tailored to your individual needs. All inspections are documented and are followed up with an email to the homeowner. Photos of any issues in the house or property will accompany the email. Serious problems that arise would warrant a phone call to the owner. Your property is much too valuable. Protect your home with Protector Inspectors. Call today!  (207)-610-3699



Donald Rae/Owner